Well prepared and well written, a contract is a guarantee of security. 

It will never be a substitute to appropriate human and professional behaviours, but it will certainly provide a countless support in challenging times.



Themis was created with the ambition to offer pragmatic solutions based on its :

  •      – Operational understanding
  •      – Technical knowledge
  •      – Legal background
  •      – Competitiveness of its services

Themis offers a full set of services:

from the definition of contractual principles to the drafting, review, negotiation and management of contracts.

Tailor-made solutions fit for

today’s challenges.

We aim to provide assistance to the energy sector (Oil & Gas, renewable), the manufacturing and construction industries, service providers (engineering, IT, digitalisation, consulting, …) start-ups and business in general.


  • – Contract Principles and Guidelines
  • – Templates
  • – Bespoke Contracts


  • – Bidding activities: review & qualification of future contracts
  • – Review & Improvement of your existing contract standards 
  • – Risk assessment, audit, renegotiation of your executed contracts 
  • Contract management​ (variations, notice of default, termination, drafting of letters, amendment, …)​.


Initiate “contract awareness” amongst your teams by:

  • – Explaining contractual concepts and mechanisms
  • Decomplexifying terminology
  • – Helping to develop a methodological approach