Defining your contracting principles, not only provides a reading grid to your business strategy, but it also defines the basis of your risk appetite. 

Contracting principles will guide decision-making and establish useful direction to your negotiating teams.

Definition of adequate levels of authority will further structure you internal decision-making process, by limiting the nature and the magnitude of the responsibilities assigned.


Themis provides a basis of contract principles to support your business objectives.

The definition of these principles allows us to engage  in technical discussions and reveal your specific requirements.

 Ultimately, Themis will produce your set of contractual principles reflecting your business objectives, will propose a limit and levels of authority required internally for the negotiation of your contracts in an efficient manner.

 A TEMPLATE? for WHAT added value?

– A permanent & adequate proven working tool

Time saving on the preparation of contract base

Economic gain:

  •       – Limited mobilization of internal resources
  •       – Limited consultation of third-party

– The possibility of using your own contractual model, thus providing a clear advantage to the negotiation

– A pledge of professionalism.


Themis can assist you to develop standard contracts that are:

 – In compliance with your contract strategy & risk appetite

 – Compliant with industrial standards

 – Balanced. Fair contract to safeguard the viability of the commercial relationship

 – Fit for purpose; your purpose

 – User-friendly.


In the absence of counterpart templates or standard contracts.

Themis proposes to develop tailor-made contracts so as to meet a specific requirement.